1. Scantron Processing
    1. Drop off information 
    2. Alternative assessment methods 
  2. Uploading grades to Brightspace
  3. Scantron resources and FAQ
    1. Designing your exams and creating the answer key
    2. Typical Scantron problems
    3. Data files created by Scantron
  4. Item analysis
  5. Scantron instructions for students

Scantron Processing

Paper based multiple-choice Scantron services (scanning and processing) are only available to those instructors teaching face-to-face courses with the delivery method of:

  • In person with alternatives for online students
  • In person: departmental permission
  • In person: not suitable for online students

Scantron services will not be available to instructors teaching courses with the delivery method of:

  • Online synchronous
  • Online asynchronous
  • Online blended
  • HyFlex

Assessments for courses delivered in these formats must be completed online (as indicated by the Provost’s Office).

Drop off information 

  • Scantron drop off and pick up is available at 410 Dunton Tower from Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3:30 p.m.
  • Scantron results will be provided within three business days.
  • We have updated our Scanning Request Form to align with Carleton’s change to Brightspace.

Alternative assessment methods 

If you are teaching online, please visit our Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy page for information about other methods of assessment. You can also complete a Course Consultation Request to discuss assessment strategies with a member of our team.

Uploading grades to Brightspace

For detailed information on uploading Scantron grades to Brightspace, please visit our Brightspace support page.

Scantron resources and FAQ

Designing your exams and creating the answer key

Typical Scantron problems

Data files created by Scantron

Item analysis

Item analysis refers to a statistical technique that helps instructors identify the effectiveness of their test items and plays an important role in contributing to the fairness of the test. Please read our Scantron Item Analysis document for more information.

Scantron instructions for students

Please have your students fill out their Scantron sheets using the steps outlined in this document.