Adding video to your course has never been easier.

Carleton uses Kaltura – a cloud-based video management system – for recording, storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media. The system integrates with cuLearn, allowing anyone with a Carleton account to create, upload, and share multimedia content with ease. Ideal for any class structure, Kaltura expands the reach and impact of traditional, web-enhanced, hybrid, flipped, and fully online courses.

The Kaltura system has four components:

  • Media Space: Your media gallery where all of your recordings or uploaded videos live.
  • Personal Capture: A screen recording app that you can use on any computer you own (Mac and PC).
  • Lecture Capture: A screen recording app already installed on every classroom computer.
  • KMS GO: A screen recording app that you can use on your Mobile Device (Android and iOS).