1. Important Note About the D2L Brightspace Integration
  2. Create and Upload Your Video
  3. Submit Your Video as an Assignment in Brightspace

If you need to submit a video for a class assignment, you can either create a new video from, or upload an existing video to your MediaSpace library. Any .mp4 video that you have created on your computer can be uploaded to your MediaSpace gallery. From there, you can share it with your instructor in different ways.

Carleton supports Personal Capture for recording your videos. Regardless, other video recording software will still allow you to use MediaSpace. But, these other recording tools are not supported by Carleton.

Important Note About the D2L Brightspace Integration

You might notice that you have the ability to complete certain tasks from right within Brightspace! From anywhere in Carleton’s Brightspace, if you click on Jump to in the NavBar, you can select MediaSpace from the drop down menu to be redirected to My Media within Brightspace.

From there, you can quickly search for media you have in your MediaSpace collection without having to leave Brightspace! You can also add new media items. However, it is important to note that My Media within Brightspace does not have all the functionality from within MediaSpace.

To do things like Publish Your Media, you’ll need to visit mediaspace.carleton.ca and log into your MediaSpace using your MCO credentials.

Create and Upload Your Video

You have the following options for creating and uploading video assignments and activities:

  • Record on your computer using the Personal Capture applicationYou can record your computer screen/webcam and your voice. These videos will be automatically uploaded to the MediaSpace media server. 
  • Upload a video you already have on your computer – You can share a video you have already recorded by uploading it to MediaSpace.
  • Upload a video you already have on your mobile device using the KMS Go mobile app – You can upload a video you have already made on your mobile device and upload them to the MediaSpace media server directly from your device.

Submit Your Video as an Assignment in Brightspace

NOTE: The instructions below are for submitting videos that have been uploaded to MediaSpace.  For instructions on uploading videos to MediaSpace, see the Add New Media page. See the Submitting Assignments page for instructions on how to submit an assignment in Brightspace.

To submit your video as an assignment:

  1. Login to Brightspace using your MyCarletonOne credentials.
  2. Click on your course link.
  3. Navigate to the Assignment in your course page.
  4. Under Text Submission, select the icon Insert stuff from the editor toolbar.

NOTE: If the Text Submission box does not appear, please contact your instructor.
  1. From the options which appear, scroll down and click Insert MediaSpace.
  2. Once your Kaltura MediaSpace opens, find the video you wish to insert and click Embed.
  3. After clicking Embed, a window will display allowing you to preview the video selected.
  4. If the video is the correct one, click the button Insert.
  5. Then, click the Submit button.