1. Initial Troubleshooting
  2. Still not uploading?

Before troubleshooting, please check Kaltura’s System Status page to see if there is a system-wide issue affecting video playback.

Initial Troubleshooting

  • The number one cause for media failing to upload to Kaltura’s MediaSpace is internet speed. You can test your internet speed at Speettest.net. Pay particular attention to the upload speeds. Lower upload speeds can cause the uploading process to take longer. A minimum of 5 mbps is recommend for uploading to MediaSpace.
  • The longer it takes to upload media to the MediaSpace server, the more prone to error the video is. This is why it’s a good idea to upload your media to MediaSpace when you are experiencing fast internet speeds and have a good connection.
  • You can choose to upload your Kaltura Personal Capture videos at a later time by following the instructions on our Record and Upload with Personal Capture support page.
  • To increase your internet speed, you can try the following:
    • Connect to your router using an ethernet cable.
    • Close all other applications and browser tabs.
    • If Wi-Fi is a must, ensure no other devices are connected to the Wifi.
    • Consider investing in faster internet packages through your service provider.
  • Like many of Carleton’s supported web-services, we strongly recommend using Chrome as your browser.
  • Even if your internet speed is fast, slow or bogged-down computers can lead to uploading issues.

Have you tried all of the following?

  1. Lower the quality of your recording
  2. Re-upload your recording
  3. Manual uploading of the raw recording files to MediaSpace

Still not uploading?

Is your video still not uploading? Please fill out the form in our TLS Support Portal with as much detail as you can to help us find the issue. When you click into the Capture Support Portal, please select My Media Won’t Upload from the “what can we help you with” dropdown menu.