Kaltura has been integrated with Carleton’s Learning Management System (LMS): D2L Brightspace. This means that you can keep your videos set to private in MediaSpace while still allowing others in your courses to view your media. For more information on publishing and sharing your media, visit our resource site: Publish and Share Your Media.

With Kaltura’s Brightspace integration, comes the ability to embed your educational videos in many different ways within Brightspace. It is recommended to ensure that any webpage, within your course page, contains no more than 5 videos for each webpage. Moreover, if you notice your pages loading slowly for you or your students, consider the number of videos that you have on any given webpage and the length of those videos.

You can easily embed audio or video into your Brightspace course to share your media files with students. To learn more about embedding media into Brightspace, visit our support site: Embed Media into Brightspace.

Important Note About the Integration

You might notice that you have the ability to complete certain tasks from right within Brightspace! From anywhere in Carleton’s Brightspace, if you click on Jump to in the NavBar, you can select MediaSpace from the drop down menu to be redirected to My Media within Brightspace.

From there, you can quickly search for media you have in your MediaSpace collection without having to leave Brightspace! You can also add new media items. However, it is important to note that My Media within Brightspace does not have all the functionality from within MediaSpace.

To do things like Publish Your Media, you’ll need to visit mediaspace.carleton.ca and log into your MediaSpace using your MCO credentials.