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The Experiential Learning Hub (ELH) at Carleton is a dedicated space forstudents and instructors to engage and experiment with emerging immersive technologies, such as extended reality (XR) headsets, immersive learning experiences, 3D scanning, and tools for XR development. Experiential learning is a significant strategic priority at Carleton and Ontario-wide.

Whether you want to incorporate experiential learning opportunities into your course or want to discuss effective teaching strategies, we’re available for one-on-one consultations.

The Experiential Learning Hub

Located on the 6th floor of Southam Hall, the Hub features exciting new spaces and equipment for teaching with XR:

These newly enhanced spaces will support experiential learning and develop students’ skills in new media and digital literacies. 

Through the Future Learning Lab and the Experiential Learning Hub, instructors will access innovative applications, experiences, hardware, tools, and support provided in part by the Future Skills XR Grant, in partnership with EON Reality.

Immersive Learning

Teaching and learning with XR

XR Projects and Use Cases

XR stories and pioneering projects

Services and Programming

Find out about the programs supported by the ELH

Creation Suites

The creation spaces of the ELH

Experience Studios

Experiential learning spaces

Booking a Consultation

Book a consultation with the Experiential Learning Hub via the TLS Support Portal.

Teaching and Learning Support