Teaching and Learning Services has teams of dedicated professionals that provide a variety of media production services to support your teaching and learning needs. We can help you create educational videos, set up a videoconference to invite a guest speaker to your course, support an event on campus, and more.

Temporary Facility Closure and Move: Due to construction in Southam Hall, the following facilities are closed until the building re-opens (fall 2022): The Media Commons (626SA), Production Studio and Lightboard (609SA), Videoconferencing Facility (617SA) and Classroom Studio (624SA).

The following services are still available: video production recordings (on location only) and post-production, thesis defence support (excluding in 617SA), consulting and advising.

Portable video equipment is now housed with the Learning Spaces team in D283 Loeb.

Administrative offices for media production have temporarily re-located to the ninth floor of Dunton Tower.

Video Production

From concept to post-production, we can help you create outstanding educational and promotional videos.

Classroom Studios

Record lectures, course introductions, demos and anything in between in Carleton’s classroom studios.

Kailash Mital Theatre

Learn about Carleton University’s fully equipped 444 seat performance theatre.


Our videoconferencing service can be used for thesis defenses, job interviews, guest speakers, training and more.


Have a process or a sequence that you need to illustrate for your students? Lightboard might be the answer for you.

Event Support

Hosting an event on campus? We can provide professional audio and video projection support.

The Media Commons

The Media Commons is your one-stop-shop for your multimedia teaching and learning needs.


Looking to borrow equipment or need a release form for an event? Find our media production forms here.