TA Central Hub: training & resources

The new TA Central Hub: training and resources, in Brightspace, is a portal for TAs to watch pre-recorded training videos, access resource materials and share resources related to teaching. If you are a TA and would like to enroll in the Hub, please contact Sam Shortt.

Download our current TA Toolkit so you have a quick way to find all our resources and offerings: TA TOOLKIT 2023-2024

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Stay up-to-date on the latest matters practical and pedagogical that impact your work as a TA.


Get all the details on the TLS Outstanding TA Award.

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A place for all TAs (grad and undergrad) to share commentary, ideas and academic pursuits.


Check out additional resources to help develop your skills.


Learn more about the mandatory and voluntary training opportunities available to Carleton’s TAs.


Browse through the frequently asked questions we get about teaching assistant duties, training and support.

Contact Information

TLS programming (certificates, training options, etc.) Teaching and Learning Services TASupport@carleton.ca,
Attendance issues for pedagogical training Read our FAQ (“My completed training hasn’t appeared in Carleton Central…”), and then contact the appropriate party Will depend on your situation (read the FAQ)
Locating more pedagogical training options Read our FAQ (“What are my options for pedagogical training?”)
Payment for and/or tracking of compliance training hours Human Resources humanresources@carleton.ca,
Payment for and/or tracking of pedagogical training hours Office of the Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning) deputyprovost@carleton.ca
The TA Management System Office of the Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning) deputyprovost@carleton.ca
TA Assignments
–“I would like to become a TA”
–“I would like to change TA assignments”
–“I have concerns about my TA assignment”
Your department’s graduate administrator, graduate supervisor and/or chair

Office of the Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning)

CUPE 4600

Contact info for department staff will be on departmental websites