1. What is HyFlex?
  2. Getting Started with HyFlex
  3. HyFlex Learning Spaces at Carleton
    1. Canal Building
    2. Loeb Building
    3. Tory Building
    4. Nideyinàn
    5. Nicol Building
    6. Paterson Hall
    7. Richcraft Hall
    8. Southam Hall
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What is HyFlex?

The Hybrid/Flexible (HyFlex) modality is a mode of teaching meant to facilitate student learning whether they are present in-person or joining remotely. HyFlex rooms are designed with additional equipment to allow the instructor to run a class to the students in the room, and to either live-stream the class to students joining via Zoom, or to record the lectures and make them available online asynchronously.

A HyFlex approach supports student-to-student and student-instructor interactions and participatory teaching approaches. The simultaneous offering of the course on campus and via Zoom is intended to provide students flexibility, and to allow instructors a method to teach students who may not be able to attend courses on campus. To ensure the ability to teach effectively in this modality, HyFlex classes should be limited to between 40 and 50 participants.

For more information on HyFlex recommended practices please visit the HyFlex Recommended Teaching Practices page.

Note that a HyFlex model is not an acceptable model to increase enrollments in courses – rather every student registered in the section must have the option to attend the course on campus.

Getting Started with HyFlex

There are several resources and supports available to help you get started with the HyFlex modality:

HyFlex Learning Spaces at Carleton

This is a list of all the Hyflex Learning Spaces at Carleton as well as each room’s capacity. Click on a room name to be taken to the individual room’s page. To search all learning spaces at Carleton, please visit the Room Search page.

Canal Building

CB3101 58 persons

CB2104 51 persons

Loeb Building

LAA204 19 persons

LAB249 19 persons

LAB243 30 persons

Tory Building

TB431 51 persons


NN374 16 persons

Nicol Building

NI1020 54 persons

NI3038 28 persons

NI3040 50 persons

NI4038 28 persons

NI4040 50 persons

NI4050 56 persons

NI5010 54 persons

Paterson Hall

PA201 58 persons

Richcraft Hall

RB2308 25 persons

RB3110 31 persons

RB3202 40 persons

RB3224 27 persons

Southam Hall

SA308 16 persons

SA317 48 persons

SA402 54 persons

SA403 56 persons

SA404 52 persons

HyFlex Resources

For a complete list of FAQs please visit the HyFlex FAQ page.


If you have any questions about the HyFlex teaching model or HyFlex classrooms, please email tls@carleton.ca.