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The ELH is available to provide support for instructors who wish to incorporate Immersive Learning into their courses, and Instructors and student Media creators.

The ELH features an Active Learning Classroom, the expanded Creation Suites, featuring a variety of XR and media creation tools, and two state-of-the-art XR Experience Studios designed to support students using a variety of immersive experiences. The TeXpert program is also available for frontline support facilitating XR experiences in your course.


Please request a consultation via the TLS support portal to discuss our support options or request a tour of the Experiential Learning Hub including the Experience Studios and the Creation Suites

Professional development workshops for instructors in immersive learning and media production are available via our events page. 

Immersive Learning Course Support

The ELH is available to support integrating Immersive Learning and Extended Reality (XR) experiences into your course. Course specific support options include:

  • Immersive experiences during class in the Experience Studios using virtual, augmented or mixed reality experiences. 
  • Incorporating the EON-XR platform and lesson creation tool or other XR development into your course materials or student assignments.
  • Access to XR development PCs and software tools and 3D scanners in the Creation Suites.
  • Access to portable XR equipment such as iPad Pros with LIDAR scanning, 360 cameras and audio recorders.

Please reach out for a consultation to discuss how we can support your course.

Media Creation Course Support

The ELH offers support options through consultations for DIY media making, equipment use or purchasing, and strategies for incorporating video, audio/podcasting projects into assignments. Course specific support options include:

  • In-class workshops in your own classroom or the Creation Suites; topics include Digital Storytelling seminar, Camera or Editing Workshops, and Audio/Podcasting Workshops. Please reach out via the TLS Support Portal if you would like to develop a workshop or training session with us.
  • Incorporating media into your course materials or student assignments.
  • Access to iMacs with video editing, audio recording/editing, and podcasting suites.
  • Access to portable cameras and audio recorders.

TeXpert Program

Need frontline help with space setup, XR experience management, software platforms, or other hardware tools, such as the 360 cameras? Carleton’s ELH TeXperts are here to assist. TeXperts are available to help with all of these tasks, as well as basic technical support, and orientations to equipment, software, physical spaces, and programs and services. 

Training and Resources

Teaching and Learning Support