1. EON-XR and Pedagogy
  2. Take a Tour of the EON-XR Asset Library
  3. Minimum Technical Requirements
  4. Account Provisioning
  5. Intellectual Property and Data Use
    1. Type and Ownership of Content Added to EON-XR
    2. Content Portability
    3. EON Reality and EON-XR
  6. Fall 2023 EON-XR Early Adopters
  7. News and Upcoming Events
  8. Carleton University and EON Reality Partnership
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EON-XR is a Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) platform for creating experiences that are compatible with devices such as smartphones, laptops, and VR headsets. EON-XR is easy to use and requires no specific coding knowledge. EON-XR integrates with Carleton’s Learning Management System, D2L Brightspace, via LTI which makes it straightforward for instructors to place XR content in course modules, and for students to access the content via course modules. The EON platform can also be used as a creation platform for unique and engaging student assignments. Students can build 3D assets, use existing assets from the EON library, or scan objects around them to create models and lessons for submission in Brightspace assignments. Instructors may want to use the EON platform and library of assets to create interactive AR experiences inside of their course modules. 

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EON-XR and Pedagogy

With EON-XR, creating XR experiences is easy and requires no coding. For University Instructors, EON-XR and XR pedagogy can allow for new modalities, methods and affordances in teaching and learning.

For more information on the pedagogical uses of XR generally and the EON-XR platform, visit the Immersive Technologies Support page.

Take a Tour of the EON-XR Asset Library

Minimum Technical Requirements

EON-XR is available to both desktop and mobile users. To run EON-XR on desktop, you can use either Windows or macOS. Windows users require Windows 10 operating system (OS) or higher. Mac users require a 10.15 (Catalina) OS or higher. To run EON-XR on mobile, you can use either an Android or iOS device. Android users require an Android 7.0 OS or higher. iOS users require an iOS 12 or higher. 

Instructors can find more detailed system requirements on the EON-XR: Support for Instructors page. Students can find more detailed system requirements on the EON-XR: Support for Students page.

Account Provisioning

All instructors and students can request an EON-XR account. An account can be provisioned with any or all of the three license types:  

  • EON Basic for viewing and interacting with EON Xperiences
  • EON Merged for creating and interacting with Xperiences and  
  • EON Spatial Meetings for shared learning environments 

Instructors can submit a request for an EON-XR account or submit any EON-XR licensing inquiries to the Teaching and Learning Services Jira Support Portal. Instructors will need to request that EON-XR be added to their Brightspace course for it to be available.

Instructors can submit a request for an EON-XR account or submit any EON-XR licensing inquiries to the Teaching and Learning Services Jira Support Portal. 

Students will get provisioned an EON Basic license automatically when they interact with an EON-XR assignment in Brightspace. To use EON-XR in a creation assignment, students will need an EON Merged license type.

For questions about account provisioning, connect with TLS via the Teaching and Learning Services Jira Support Portal

Intellectual Property and Data Use

All Carleton University faculty, students, staff, and guests that use Carleton University’s EON-XR platform are subject to terms of use. EON-XR is a cloud-based web application that facilitates the creation, conversion, management, and distribution of virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented media (audio and video) files.

Use of the EON-XR platform is broadly defined into two categories:

  1. Creating content: Using EON-XR tools to create media and/or add media to the EON-XR system (explained in more detail in the section “Type and Ownership of Content Added to EON-XR”)
  2. Viewing content: Accessing and/or viewing media hosted on the EON-XR system (explained in the EON Reality and EON-XR links below)

Type and Ownership of Content Added to EON-XR

Content creators that place media on Carleton’s EON-XR platform are responsible for the content of their media. This includes ensuring that the content is in compliance with applicable Canadian copyright laws and Carleton copyright guidelines. All media added by content creators on EON-XR must support the academic or administrative endeavours of the University and follow Carleton University’s Acceptable Use Policy.

EON-XR and Carleton University do not assume ownership or responsibility of the content uploaded by Carleton University content creators. Ownership and or responsibility for the content lies solely with the content creator that created and/or placed the content on the EON-XR platform.

If you import content from other sources, be aware that you should provide attribution (BY) to the creator when the material is used and shared. Likewise, if you create and share content, you may wish to protect that content by adding a Creative Commons license: Creative Commons frequently asked questions

Questions regarding copyright, attribution, and licensing should be discussed to the MacOdrum Library: copyright@carleton.ca

Content Portability

EON assets and experiences are not portable at this time. Users should keep an independent back up of their assets whether they have been created outside of EON XR, imported into EON XR, or acquired for use with EON XR.  It is not possible to backup experiences created in EON at this time.

EON Reality and EON-XR

Data use in EON-XR is also governed by service level agreements with EON Reality. Please see the following documents for more information regarding EON Reality’s data use, privacy policies, and content ownership:

Fall 2023 EON-XR Early Adopters

For the Fall 2023 term, the Early Adopter program has seen several interested educators, with over 200 users engaging in virtual projects in EON-XR. Many of these educators have leveraged EON-XR to offer students remarkable experiences. Some of these virtual projects include: 

  • Exploring new technologies and historical artifacts: Educators have used EON-XR to provide students with detailed examinations of both contemporary technology and historical artifacts; 
  • Facilitating remote and in-person collaboration in virtual spaces: Through shared virtual environments, educators have enabled students to collaborate seamlessly in virtual spaces, regardless of physical location; and 
  • Taking guided tours of landmarks and workspaces: Educators have also provided students with virtual journeys to explore iconic landmarks and real-world workspaces 

Interested in finding out more about using EON-XR in your class? Reach out via the course consultation request form. We’d love to brainstorm with you! 

News and Upcoming Events

Carleton University and EON Reality Partnership

Carleton University has partnered with EON Reality to create an EON-XR centre at the Carleton University campus.

Related Resources and Support Links

Get Support with EON-XR

For help integrating EON-XR into your course, please contact Teaching and Learning Services using the TLS Support Portal. We’d love to help you explore XR at Carleton!