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Office 365 Teams Pilot

Still using email to share project files and communications? Tired of searching your inbox for the last project-related update? Never sure if you have the current version of a project file?

Join Carleton’s pilot of Microsoft Teams, and consolidate all of your project’s files, conversations, updates, and tasks into a single location. Stay up-to-date by installing the free Teams app on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Collaborate with anyone—staff, faculty, students, or external partners.

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If you’ve used Dropbox, Google Docs or Slack, you’ll find Microsoft Teams similar, while offering some unique advantages:
• Use your existing Carleton password — avoid yet another password
• Get local support from the Teams Pilot support team — withService Desk support coming


Content to publish? If your project is primarily about publishing content, a website, either public or password-protected, is a simpler mechanism for your audience than a Teams site. And you can still engage your audience using website forms. Let Carleton’s Web Services help set you up with a website to publish your content, whether your target audience is restricted to a single department, restricted to staff/faculty and/or students, or open to the Internet:
• publicly-accessible websites: Carleton.ca/webservices/carleton-cms
• password-restricted websites: i.Carleton.ca (Use your MC1 password)


OneDrive vs Teams: Use OneDrive to store business documents to make them accessible from all your devices and to safeguard access to these documents should your computer be damaged or stolen.

While you can also use OneDrive to share folders to specific people, Teams is an easier, clearer way to manage files shared amongst project members, and adds the ability to also share project-related conversations, project-related tasks, and more.

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NOTE: To use Microsoft Teams (as well as any other OFFICE 365 “extras” like OneDrive), you and your Teams members MUST HAVE ENABLED your Office 365 licenses: