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«Tasks» Tab: Using Planner with Teams

Your Teams site owner can choose to add additional tabs. The Planner app is the only additional tab currently added when Teams sites are created.

Planner can be added to Teams as a Tab

The Planner app tab is initially labelled “Tasks”. After selecting this «Tasks» tab:

  • Each task can have a short description, a due date and be assigned to a Teams member.
  • Tasks can be organized into “buckets” — a single bucket, labelled “To do” is shown.
  • The status of open and completed entries can be reported on by clicking on “Charts”. A calendar can also be presented showing open entries.
  • If you have many “buckets”, the Teams site owner can add more than one “Planner” tab, grouping similar tasks under differently-named “Tasks” tabs.

Teams Planner tab details

TIP: Teams Owners can add more than one “Planner” tab, so they can group similar tasks under multiple “Tasks” tabs.

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