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NOTE: Teams members do NOT fill out the form below; only the Teams site “owner.”
“Owners” can add/remove whomever they choose to their Teams site.

Read Me First

  1. Teams site owners must be staff/faculty – but Teams owners can add anyone as a member.
  2. Your Teams site members must have enabled their Office 365 “extras” license for permission to log into Teams: staff/faculty | students
  3. Invite External-to-Carleton Teams site members by their full email address; they will be asked to create a password.
    (Tip: If the external institution uses Office 365 and if you invite the external person using their Office 365-recognized email address, they will be able to log into your Carleton Teams site using their existing password.)
  4. When logging into Teams web site or app, use your full Carleton email address — e.g. JaneDoe@cunet.carleton.ca, not your alias, jane.doe@carleton.ca.
  5. Note for Mac users: the Safari web browser needs this preference unchecked to work with the Teams web interface:
    Uncheck Safari Preference setting Privacy Prevent cross-site tracking

    Safari > Preferences… > Privacy > Prevent cross-site tracking [uncheck]
    Ref: support.office.com/article/safari-browser-support…

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