1. Manage Special Access for an existing quiz  
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Special Access allows instructors to set specific settings for quizzes for individual students or groups of students. Special access is sometimes called, “overrides”.  Overrides are used to allow specific quiz settings for students registered with unique learning needs (such as those registered with the PMC) or in exceptional circumstances.  

An instructor might provide a student extra time on a test, allow an extra attempt on a quiz, or to provide access to a quiz on a different day.  Overrides are often used to provide an additional quiz attempt if a student encountered technical difficulties during their first quiz attempt.

Manage Special Access for an existing quiz  

  1. Log in to Brightspace with your MyCarleton1 credentials.  
  2. On your Brightspace homepage, locate your course in one of the following ways:  
    • Click on your course under My Courses.  
    • Click the Course selector grid , 3 by 3 square grid iconthen search for your course name or select your course from the drop-down menu.  
  3. Click Tools in the Navbar. 
  4. Click Quizzes to see all quizzes in the course. 
  5. From the quizzes listed, click the arrow next to the quiz you want to edit. 
  6. Click Edit. 
  7. Click the Restrictions tab at the top of the page. 
  8. Scroll down to Special Access. 
  9. Choose the type of access from the two available options:
    • Allow selected users special access to this quiz
    • ‘Allow only users with special access to see this quiz.

      Warning: The option ‘Allow selected users special access to this quiz’ will enable you to modify some settings to fit a specific number of users, but the quiz will still be visible to all the students in the class whereas ‘Allow only users with special access to see this quiz’ will make this quiz visible only to a group of students.
  10. Click the button Add Users to Special Access.
  11. On the Special Access Properties section, add specific dates as needed to match the extension given (due date, start date, end date).  
  12. If the timing of the quiz is to be adjusted, check the box Recommended Time Limit and adjust the time of the quiz for this/these user(s). 
  13. Scroll down to Attempts. If more attempts are to be given to this/these learner(s), check the box Override attempts allowed and input the number of attempts allowed and click Apply. 
  14. Scroll down to Users. Click to select the student who requires the special access. If you do not see the student’s name, use the Search field to type the student’s name, then check the box to select the student.
  15. Click the button Add Special Access at the bottom of the page.  
  16. Scroll down to Special Access, and verify if the new time/date/timing for quiz and added learner(s) information is correct.
  17. Click Save and Close. Special access to this quiz has been added.  

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