There are a couple of important changes coming to Zoom that students should be aware of before the start of term. 

Authentication Coming to Zoom  

To enhance security, Zoom hosts now have the option of requiring authentication so that only users who have securely signed into their Carleton account can join their meeting.  

Some of your instructors may have already required authentication, but as of Aug. 29, it will be turned on by default for all Carleton Zoom meetings. From then on, you will need to sign into your Carleton Zoom account using your MyCarletonOne credentials to access your Zoom meetings.   

Minimum Version Update 

On Aug. 29, you’ll also need to update your Zoom desktop client and mobile apps to the latest version. These minimum version updates ensure that you receive the newest features and any privacy and security enhancements. Follow these steps to update your devices before Aug. 29 to ensure uninterrupted access to your meetings. If you haven’t already done so, you can also set automatic updates for your desktop client. 

If you need additional help with Zoom, please contact Zoom Support.