As a Zoom meeting host, you can enable live transcription to provide closed captions during your meeting. You also have the option to upload your Zoom recordings to MediaSpace to generate automatic machine transcriptions, as well as edit the transcription text.

Automatic Live Transcription

Zoom has developed a live automatic transcription service that you can use to provide live captions for your meetings or webinars. Zoom also offers cloud-based audio transcription.

Enabling Live Transcription in Zoom

You can enable live transcription for your Zoom meeting in two steps:

  1. Enable Live Transcription for all Meetings in your Zoom account settings
  2. Enable Live Transcription during your Meeting

Enabling Live Transcription for all meetings:

  1. Sign in to
  2. In the left sidebar, click Settings.
  3. Under the Meeting tab, select In Meeting (Advanced).
  4. Under Closed Captioning, click the toggle to enable closed captioning. The toggle will appear blue when closed captioning is enabled.
  5. Click the Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting checkbox.
  6. Click Save.
Enabling Live Transcription during your meeting:

  1. Start your Zoom meeting.
  2. Click Live Transcript in the toolbar.
  3. Click Enable Auto-Transcription.                                 
  4. You will see Live Transcription (Closed Captioning) has been enabled at the top of your meeting window. Live Transcriptions will appear at the bottom of the meeting window (see example below).                                 

MediaSpace Transcription

Upload your Zoom recordings to MediaSpace to generate automatic machine transcriptions with a built-in profanity filter. Once you have uploaded your Zoom recording to MediaSpace, you can edit the transcriptions and download your captions as a .txt file

Please feel free to reach out to TLS support if you have any questions about using Mediaspace, or browse the MediaSpace support pages on the Capture Support Site.