Authentication Coming to Zoom Meetings  

Carleton instructors, staff and students will be required to log in to their MyCarletonOne (MC1) accounts to access Zoom meetings as of Aug. 29.  

Meeting hosts currently have the option to require authentication using MC1, but on Aug. 29, this setting will be turned on by default. This change offers significant benefits, including:  

  • Allowing the pre-assignment of breakout rooms before class sessions 
  • Creating accurate attendance logs and Zoom analytics 
  • Protecting meeting participants from potentially abusive Zoombombings  

Users can disable the authentication setting as needed, or add guest speakers and partners from outside of Carleton to a list of exempted users 

Minimum Version Update 

On Aug. 29, Carleton Zoom users will be required to update their Zoom desktop client and mobile apps to the latest version. These minimum version updates ensure that you receive the newest features and any privacy and security enhancements. Follow these steps to update your devices before Aug. 29 to ensure uninterrupted access to your meetings. If you haven’t already done so, you can also set automatic updates for your desktop client. 

If you have any questions about these updates or need support, please reach out through the TLS Support Portal.