The COVID19 FAQ has the latest information and answers to common questions regarding how examinations are being handled during this period. Please address any questions or concerns regarding this schedule to

*Location Legend:

ON LINE Exam will be held online (please see your course information for exact format such as Brightspace or other specific software).
IN PERS Exam will be held in person on campus at Carleton University. Exact locations will be posted March 31st.
TBA ON LINE or IN PERS status will be posted as soon as it is confirmed.

**Availability Legend:

Fixed Duration Has a set start and end time as displayed on the schedule.
Fixed Duration within Range Exam Questions will be available over a range of hours or days, and students will log in at a time of their choice and then complete the exam in a fixed amount of time. Please refer to the “Duration” column to confirm.
Range Exam Questions will be available to students over a range of hours or days, and they will have access to the questions throughout the entire range (If no “duration” is listed, the exam will be open for the entire range of time.)

All exams are listed in Eastern Time (ET)

Exam Schedule

examterm Dept. crn Course courseno section Start Date Start Time Duration (Mins) End Date End Time Location Row(s) Row(s) deferral Availability