Danielle McDonald, MAPA '87As Chief Executive Officer of Ottawa Public Library (OPL), North America’s largest bilingual (English French) public library Danielle McDonald provides strategic leadership and sound financial guidance over all OPL’s departments, programs, and services.

Danielle represents OPL on several industry committees including Canadian Urban Libraries Council, Urban Libraries Council, and Chief Executives of Large Public Libraries of Ontario.

Since joining the OPL in January 2009, Danielle has led significant initiatives in facilities planning and development across OPL’s 33 branches.  Most recently, Danielle secured OPL’s historic collaboration with Library and Archives Canada on Ādisōke, the joint landmark library facility that will welcome visitors from Ottawa and around the world.

Danielle holds a Master of Arts in Public Administration (’87) from Carleton University, and a BE.S. (Hon) Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo. Her educational background is complemented by more than 30 years of municipal government management experience, including strategic planning, finance, human resources, and technology with the City of Ottawa and OPL.

Serving one million residents, OPL helps to build community and transform lives through its mission to inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people.