CU 2022 Case Comp Team

Carleton University’s SPPA team won the gold medal for their presentation on the case study “A Wicked Problem? Rough Sleeping in Cities” at the National Public Administration Student Case Competition on February 26, 2022.

The Carleton team consisted of students in SPPA’s Master of Public Policy and Administration program: Nick Harrison, Kelsey Johnson, Dong Ngo, Sydney Roy, and alternate Ben Phillips. This year’s coach was SPPA director and professor Jennifer Stewart.

The team recently published the analysis that won the gold in Policy Options:

This article was written by team of students from Carleton University.

The media describe them as “tent cities.” Neighbours view them as eyesores. Homelessness advocates argue they are the result of Canada’s urgent affordable-housing crisis and overburdened shelter system, exacerbated by COVID. It is becoming clear that “rough sleeping encampments,” once thought to be a temporary problem, are at risk of becoming a permanent policy issue.

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