Andreas Malango, MASE

Andreas Malango, MA-SE

The journey I have been on since fleeing my country of origin, the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been an arduous one. Having limited educational opportunities as a refugee, becoming a Canadian citizen and pursuing post-secondary education has served as a big lesson and achievement. My education includes a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from the University of Ottawa, and a Diploma in Public Safety and Legal Studies from Algonquin College, both earned before joining SPPA. Throughout my career, I have held several positions in the banking and medical research sectors, as well as the insurance industry. My professional career offered me the opportunity to explore a variety of opportunities and to gain insight into the present demands in the private and public sectors.

During a discussion with a colleague about the different paths that are available to me, I learned about SPPA. I became more inclined toward pursuing a career in the public sector after more than a decade of advocating for community well-being and sustainability. Upon further research, I found that Carleton University’s Master of Arts in Sustainable Energy (Policy) program aligned with my career interests and would provide me with a more solid foundation to achieve my goals.

Since federal and provincial policies have such a strong influence on vulnerable communities, and since I wish to assist these communities with improving their quality of life, I am confident that I will be able to strengthen political practices that would provide resources for vulnerable communities throughout the country and perhaps even internationally. In addition to learning about how to use a roadmap to develop energy solutions for low-income countries, I will also gain a better understanding of how to use a roadmap to develop new energy technologies.