More than 1000 nonprofit organizations across Canada will receive their first survey this week from the newly launched Charity Insights Canada Project—Projet Canada Perspectives des Organismes de Bienfaisance (CICP-PCPOB).

The project, led by the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (MPNL) faculty team within the School of Public Policy and Administration, will collect and share accurate, relevant, and timely information about the Canadian charitable sector. The data generated through this work will support the long-term economic viability, impact, and resiliency of the sector by assisting policymakers in making evidence-based policy decisions, developing data capacity for practitioners, and expanding knowledge of Canada’s charitable sector for all stakeholders, including the general public.

“This historic project addresses the long-standing need to develop and evaluate Canada’s charitable sector in real time,” says project leader Paloma Raggo, a professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration who is cross-appointed to the Sprott School of Business. “This information is usually released 18 months after its initial collection and therefore cannot offer insights on real-time issues and trends affecting charities’ activities.”

Raggo notes that the sector provides more than one in ten full-time jobs in Canada, supports individuals and communities in financial need, and advances causes that matter deeply to Canadians and the world.

The project is supported by a transformational investment of $3.4 million from the Muttart Foundation based in Alberta, the Lawson Foundation and the Metcalf Foundation both in Ontario, and the Vancouver Foundation in British Columbia.

After a two week “soft launch” in December, the survey will officially launch on January 4, 2023. Participating organizations will receive a short email survey every Wednesday with results released publicly two days later. The weekly reports along with monthly, quarterly and annual findings, will be available on the CICP’s website: