With its leadership gone, what’s next for Hockey Canada?

CEO and entire board stepping down — but there are still challenges ahead

Most of the major sponsors are gone — at least for now. The CEO and entire board of directors are stepping down. And the organization’s reputation is in tatters.

How can Hockey Canada be rebuilt as an effective and trusted governing body for one of the country’s most popular sports?

The solution, experts say, starts with the rather mundane (but crucial) task of selecting a new board.

“They just need to broaden where they’re looking for people to come in, and that will help them rebuild this brand,” said Paloma Raggo, an assistant professor at Carleton University’s school of public policy and administration.

She says an organization the size of Hockey Canada needs experts who understand how a non-profit should operate, rather than simply having a passion for the sport.

The outgoing board, in her view, didn’t know about or chose not to use the powers it had to police the organization, which might have helped prevent so much scandal.

“We’re talking about one of the most important — if not the most important — sport in our country and a sport that deals with minors … families that bring their kids at five in the morning and the hockey rink. So people do care about what happens to the organization,” she said.

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