Bob Masterson, MAPA '02Bob Masterson is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). He is the chief spokesperson and leading advocate for Canada’s chemistry and plastics industry, the country’s third largest manufacturing sector.

In this role, Bob is focused on three priorities: Improving Canada’s investment and regulatory environment to have the chemistry and plastics sector recognized as a leader in (or driver of) the emerging circular and net carbon zero economy; ensuring the activities of the industry are aligned with societal expectations through Responsible Care®, the made in Canada and now global ESG initiative for the industry; and building a diverse, trusted and healthy workplace. while sustaining CIAC as a Great Place to Work Canada® Certified™

Bob holds an engineering degree from Queen’s University, and Master of Arts in Public Administration (2002) from Carleton University. He is a Chartered Director through the McMaster DeGroote School of Business and recently joined the Board of Directors of Women Building Futures™ an organization focused on creating opportunities for women in the skilled trades.