Anna Kopec, Assistant Professor, SPPA

Anna Kopec, Assistant Professor, SPPA

Anna Kopec raises vital questions of theory development and research designs involving marginalized populations in her recent paper Policy Feedback & Research Methods: How Qualitative Research Designs With Marginalized Groups Inform Theory.  Published in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Vol 22, Nov 2023


As a body of literature that informs and analyzes the effects of policy, policy feedback research will benefit from more qualitative research designs with marginalized populations. Qualitative research designs allow for theoretical and conceptual development, as well as ensure multiple perspectives are fully captured. This article argues that qualitative methods with different populations will expand applications of policy feedback theory and lead to critical insights for its development. Three examples of potential areas of theory development are outlined including informing the variable of participation, examining more nuanced effects of specific policy elements, and understanding the interactions of multiple policies. The article concludes with the suggestion of more mixed-method designs utilizing qualitative approaches involving participants to test existing hypotheses and inform new relationships. Policy feedback theory raises vital questions of democratic legitimacy and policy effectiveness that benefit from research conducted with, and informed by, marginalized populations.

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