Overview of DPPE Practicum Projects

We are pleased to offer our graduate students opportunities to work on practicum projects as part of their training in the Diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation (DPPE) program. During the 16-month program, students are able to bridge what they learn in the classroom with real-world experience by working with government departments, NGOs, and other agencies to tackle evaluation projects with our organizational partners.

Benefits for Partnering Organizations

By partnering with the DPPE, organizations have the opportunity to have their projects examined by some of the brightest evaluation students in the country, under the supervision of our distinguished DPPE faculty members.

Submit your Project Details

We are always looking for new organizations and partners to collaborate with.  Get started by submitting your project details here, and a faculty member will be in contact shortly about whether your project is suitable.

Project Details for DPPE Practicum

    Ideally a project would align with the DPPE program with a start in September and finish the following December. There could be some flexibility, including the possibility of an extension.

Any questions, please contact the DPPE Administrator Christine May