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Anna Kopec

Public policy; inequality; comparative public policy; policy design; political participation
Office:5123 Richcraft Hall

Assistant Professor

Brief Biography

Bachelor of Arts (University of Alberta)

MA in Political Science and International Development (University of Guelph)

PhD in Political Science (University of Toronto)

Anna Kopec’s scholarly agenda examines the relationship between political participation and public policy among marginalized populations in Western welfare states. How do policy designs influence the political agency of vulnerable groups, and how in turn do such groups participate to bring about changes to the policies and systems they interact with? This comparative work focuses on populations experiencing homelessness. A secondary research agenda examines intersectionality and homelessness, with a consideration of how policies and services individuals access influence how certain communities participate.


SPPA Professor of the Year 2022-2023

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2019-2022

Mitacs Globalink Research Award, 2019-2020

Active Initiatives

  • Lived Experience as Expertise: the Presence of Lived Experience in Research, service Provision, and Policy on Homelessness in Canada”
    SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant, $29, 814.
    This project explores the extent to which lived expertise of homelessness is included in research, policy, and service provision through a review of academic literature, policy documents, and grey literature including organization evaluations and reviews.
  • “Mapping Services: Homelessness in Toronto” SSHRC Explore Early Career Researcher Grant, $10,000
    This project explores the services available to individuals experiencing homelessness in Toronto, with the goal of mapping services to increase visibility for those accessing them, and evaluating them for from the perspective of individuals experiencing homelessness.

Journal Articles

Kopec, A.. (2023). “Critical Junctures as Complex Processes: Examining Mechanisms of Policy Change and Path Dependence in the Canadian Pandemic Response to Homelessness”. Journal of Public Policy, 1-21.

Pue, K. and Kopec, A. (2023). “Do Service-providing Nonprofits Contribute to Democratic Inclusion: Analyzing Democracy Promotion by Canadian Homeless Shelters”. Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, 14(1), 1-29.

Smith, A. and Kopec, A. (2023). “Mapping Homelessness Research in Canada”. American Review of Canadian Studies, 53(1), 42-62.

Hughes, S Dick, A. and Kopec, A. (2021). “Municipal Takeovers: Examining State Discretion and Local Impacts in Michigan”. State and Local Government Review, 0(0), 1-25.

Hughes, S., Dick, A. & Kopec, A. (2021). “Municipal Takeovers: Examining State Discretion and Local Impacts in Michigan”. State and Local Government Review, 0(0), 1-25.

Kopec, A. & Sheldrick, B. (2020). “The Adoption of Open Government by Local Governments in Canada: Obstacles and Possibilities”. Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 29(1), 70-93.

Media Coverage


The Government of the Future Series: Collaboration with the Public. Canada School of Public Service, Canada. February 17, 2023.


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