PADM 6010
Current Issues in Public Policy
Current issues in Canadian public policy, their historical contexts, and interdisciplinary approaches to analyzing them. Issues may include inequality, gender, environment, Indigenous governance, US/Canada relations, populism. Approaches to analysis may include contemporary and classic thinkers.

PADM 6011
Theoretical Foundations of Public Policy
Normative and explanatory theories fundamental to public policy, drawing on multiple social science disciplines and incorporating ethical, economic, and political/administrative perspectives. Topics may include utilitarianism, rights-based traditions, contractualism, market failure, life-course dynamics.

PADM 6012
Policy Process and Institutions
Various theoretical approaches to policy-making. Topics may include policy formation, agenda-setting, institutionalism, theories of the bureau, theories of policy change, policy design and implementation, policy evaluation, advocacy and coalitions, private policy-making.

PADM 6013
Research Design for Public Policy
Introduction to the analytical challenges to the study of public policy, and ways of addressing them. Exploration of why particular explanatory, interpretive and normative research questions are asked; and why particular theories, units of analysis, concepts, methods and data are used.

PADM 6200
Doctoral Research Seminar
Issues in developing research proposals and conducting public policy research; includes research presentations by senior doctoral students and faculty. Required for second-year doctoral students who present their thesis proposals. Issues surrounding quantitative or qualitative methods in public policy analysis may be discussed. Graded Pass/Fail.

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