If you’re spring cleaning your house during the time of quarantine, it might be a good idea to declutter your life, from clothes to books, to the junk that is hiding in your closet or shed.

Did you know?
Less is more – that is what the popular saying goes. There is a culture of consumerism that assigns a larger value to material things, often neglecting our health, relationships and our true passions in the process. A minimalist lifestyle helps us search for happiness and fulfilment not through material possessions, but through the quality of our life. A minimalist lifestyle can also decrease stress and promote a peace of mind.

How to get started…
A first step is to organize your possessions into three piles:
Step 1: “Essentials” – things that you need and cannot live without such as food and clothing.
Step 2: “Nonessentials” – things that you want that bring value and joy in your lives, but you can get by without.
Step 3: “Junk” – anything that doesn’t give you purpose or bring you joy.
Step 4: After you’re done organizing, minimize your possessions by getting rid of everything in the “junk” pile by selling, donating, recycling or upcycling!

The key to this is to mindfully declutter to ensure that you make space for possessions that truly give you value and happiness. By being conscious of what we consume, it shifts our mindset to be more sustainable by possessing only what is necessary to live a more blissful and sustainable life.

Curious to learn more…
Marie Kondo, the author of the best selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, popularized the method of mindful decluttering, inspiring us to tidy our lives for a more blissful life.

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