Carleton’s progress in driving improvements towards sustainability are also dependent on community engagement. We are increasingly asking our community to engage in collaborative action for sustainability to foster positive change. Here are some ideas for how you can realize this change.

Take Action Tips - Energy and Climate Change

Climate and Energy

Carleton fully acknowledges the environmental impact of our operations and will continue to work towards a future where both our operations and infrastructure embody and exemplify sustainability principles, best practice and innovation. MORE

Food and Dining

Carleton is committed to offering delicious and healthy meals that take into account the environmental and social impacts of our food. From farm to fork and beyond, the story behind each plate we serve is one of environmental and social stewardship. MORE

Take Action Tips - Food and Dining
Take Action Tips - Purchasing


Ensuring that sustainability is a key priority when make purchasing decisions contributes to Carleton’s goal of developing the capacity for all departments and faculties to actively include sustainability in the procurement of goods. MORE


Getting to and from the Carleton campus is easy with good active transportation, public transit and ride-sharing options. By choosing options that reduce single occupancy car travel, you can contribute to reducing the carbon impact from our collective travel. MORE

Take Action Tips - Transportation
Take Action Tips - Waste


Carleton is working towards becoming a zero waste institution. To date we have prioritized food and dining operations on campus, with our main food court and residence dining certified as Zero waste operations. MORE

Events and Meetings

Carleton hosts a vast number of events, conferences and meetings throughout the year. Sustainable best practice can be considered throughout event planning with everything from waste, food options, travel to and from and communications all having a more sustainable option. MORE

Take Action Tips - Events and Meetings
Take Action Tips - Water


Carleton has set a goal to minimize water consumption thought conservation and efficiency measures. To date efficiency measures have included prioritizing washroom renovations and reducing water use from faucet and fixtures. MORE