We’re excited to introduce Discover to Carleton!

The Carleton Bookstore is pleased to announce the launch of Follett Discover at Carleton. Discover is a web based platform that benefits faculty, staff and students in a variety of ways:

Discovery: Discover makes it easy for faculty to find new educational resources by enabling access to a vast database of searchable course materials, including textbook offerings and more.

Community: Discover allows faculty to review and recommend course materials, to help their colleagues.

Adoption: Discover streamlines the adoption process by eliminating the paperwork and guesswork associated with submitting traditional adoptions. Simply select the textbook you want, assign it to a course, and your adoption will be automatically forwarded to the Bookstore so we can complete the process!

Access: Discover is integrated with Brightspace, allowing students to easily find and acquire the course materials they need to succeed.

Tracking: Departmental admins can easily see which courses have textbooks assigned, and which ones are outstanding.


Please contact us! You can reach our Textbook Manager Lekan by phone at 613-520-2600 x8115 and by email at lekan.oyelola@carleton.ca.