School of Canadian Studies

School of Canadian Studies



As novelist and essayist John Ralston Saul put it, our “strange peculiarities” help make Canada not only unique and exciting but also a complex and “perpetually incomplete experiment.” When you study Canadian Studies at Carleton University, you’ll be engaging in a detailed investigation of this “incomplete experiment” and Canada’s place in the Americas and the world. Drawing on the insights of art and architecture, literature and language studies, history, politics, sociology and religion, as well as Indigenous, Québec, Gender and Women’s Studies, the Canadian Studies program at Carleton encourages new ways of exploring Canada and the diverse peoples, places, and practices located within its boundaries and beyond.


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Gwynne Dyer: What the First World War Taught Us

A Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Lecture Gwynne Dyer Canadians commemorate the outbreak of the First World War this year (2014): after two centuries of small wars in North America, we finally got to play in the big leagues. We joined the game at an unfortunate time, and we paid a high price:... More

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