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Students can now select a summer study period when completing a 2023-24 OSAP application for full-time students on the OSAP website. Most students will apply for summer OSAP this way. The summer application deadline is June 24, 2024.

If you are taking a full-time course load in just the early summer session (May–June) or just the late summer session (JulyAugust) and received full-time OSAP funding for one or both of the fall/winter terms, then you can apply for summer funding using one of the extension forms below:

Early Summer Extension Form

Late Summer Extension Form

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for OSAP, you must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person and meet Ontario’s provincial residency requirements for financial aid. You must also be enrolled in an OSAP approved program that leads to a degree, certificate, or diploma, and meet OSAP’s minimum required course load.

Minimum required course load

To receive full-time funding for the summer term, you must register in a summer course load that meets or exceeds OSAP’s minimum requirement for full-time study. If your summer course load will not meet the minimum requirement, apply for part-time OSAP instead.

Graduate students

Graduate students must have full-time status for the summer study period and register in at least 0.5 credits. If you are a full-time graduate student, enter 100% as your percentage course load on the OSAP application.

Note: If you are a part-time graduate student with a documented permanent disability, you may be eligible to apply for OSAP as a full-time student. Contact the Awards Office to determine how to proceed.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students must register in a minimum of 1.5 credits in the summer study period (or 1.0 credits if you are a student with a registered permanent or persistent/prolonged disability). The OSAP application asks you to report your summer course load as a percentage of a full course load, so you will need to convert your summer course load in credits to a percentage course load.

Summer Course Load in Credits  (Undergraduate Students) OSAP Percentage
1.0 Credits
(for students with a registered permanent or persistent/prolonged disability)
1.5 Credits 60%
2.0 Credits 80%
2.5 Credits or more 100%
Co-op Work Term 100%

Application Instructions

Most students will apply for summer OSAP by completing a 2023-2024 OSAP application on the OSAP website for the full-summer study period (May–August). If you would like to register for just the early summer (May-June), or just the late summer (July-August), then email us for direction. Here’s how to complete a full-time OSAP application:

Step 1 – Start a new Full-time OSAP application.

Log into your OSAP account and start a new full-time OSAP application by clicking Apply for full-time

When you are asked when your classes start, select May 2024 and click next.

An OSAP application stating that they year of the application is May 2024

Select Start a new Application

An OSAP application with a button that says to start a new application

Important! If you applied for funding during the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter study period then you may receive a pop-up saying that you already have applications on file. Click ‘Ok’ to start a new application for the summer study period.

Pop-up on the browser that says "you already have applications on file. Click Ok to start a new application. Click cancel to check the applications on file"

Make sure that you include your student number. If you don’t include your student number, it could result in delays processing your OSAP application.

An OSAP application indicating that you should enter your student number for the school

Step 2 – Select your program and study period

Use the program search function to find and select the correct program and study period for your application. Here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for quickly:

  • Use all of the optional filters to narrow your search results. Choose May as the month your program starts.
  • For your program name, enter a single keyword (or at most two) to identify your major (e.g. “History”, “Aerospace”, or “Art History”, “Political Science”)
  • Do not include “Summer” as a keyword in your program search.
  • Program year refers to your academic year standing.

Screenshot of the OSAP 2022-23 full-time application page. Accompanying text says "Step 1: Program search". The following columns are highlighted in red: program name, month your program starts, year of the program you're entering (e.g. year 1) and level of study (Bachelor's degree).

Co-op study terms and work terms

If you are in the co-op stream of your program, choose the co-op study term option if you will be registering for a full-time course load over the summer. Choose the co-op work term option if you will be completing a work placement over the summer. If you will be completing a co-op work placement and taking a class, choose the work term option and send us an email so we can update your application to reflect your additional tuition and fee costs.

The OSAP application that shows a regular term, a co-op study term, and a co-op work term

Step 3 – Complete and submit application

Review your application carefully before you submit it. The application deadline is June 24, 2024, but you should aim to get your application in well before the summer term starts.

Step 4 – Upload required documentation

You may need to upload documents to support your application. If so, they will be listed on the Print/Upload page of your online OSAP application. When you have them ready, scan them and return to the same page to upload them to your OSAP application.

The supporting document deadline is July 14, 2024, but you should aim to get this done before summer classes get underway.

Step 5 – Monitor your application

Track the progress of your application by signing into your OSAP account at On the My Applications page, click on the Check Status link to the right of your summer application record to view your application’s status. Be sure to respond to any unread messages in your OSAP Message Centre.

Also monitor your Carleton email account for important messages from the Awards Office.