Year standing is based on the number of credits you have completed successfully that are being applied to your degree. The year standing assessment is run by the Registrar’s Office and occurs at the end of each term in January, June, August and October.

Your year standing appears on your audit below the graphs and above the ‘Summary of Degree Requirements’ section.

Year standing follows this chart:

First Year: Fewer than 4.0 credits
Second Year: 4.0 through 8.5 credits
Third Year: 9.0 through 13.5 credits
Fourth Year: 14.0 or more credits (only for students in 20.0 credit degree programs)

*Please note that Engineering students should see their advisor regarding their year standing.

If you are in a degree program that only requires 15.0 credits (ex. Bachelor of Arts General Economics), you cannot achieve 4th year standing.