Last updated April 10, 9:30 a.m.

How will students be kept informed?

Changes to normal operations will be communicated to all students through official Carleton communication channels, such as CMAIL and Brightspace.


Will the winter term continue and finish during a strike? Will my ability to graduate be impacted?

We do not anticipate having to extend the term (classes) or the graduation timeline. Please rest assured that the university, of course, has no intention of cancelling the term nor the current credits to be earned. Student grades and course progress are not at risk due to the strike.

It is important to remember that you are expected to continue your course work in all classes, if possible, and attend your classes if they are being held. If the strike continues, the university will explore a variety of options to support students in finishing the term. We are committed to a successful end of term for our students, and you will continue to be a priority in any decision-making processes.

Will deadlines for submission of final assignments be impacted?

You will be informed if there are any changes to the submission of your final assignments as a result of the potential labour disruption.


Will final examinations be impacted?

Examinations are expected to take place as scheduled. Adjustments to the schedule that occur as a result of a labour disruption will be communicated and reflected in the public exam schedule available on the Scheduling and Exam Services website. Rescheduled exams will not extend beyond the defined exam period ending on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

Where can I find my exam schedule/location?

You can check your personalized exam schedule in Carleton Central. The full public exam schedule is also available on the Scheduling and Exam Services website. In-person exam locations have been posted. If you are unsure where the exam location is on campus, please refer to the Carleton Campus map.

What’s the format of my exam?

This information can often be found in the course outline, is discussed in class, or can be found in Brightspace. If you are unclear about the format, you should discuss with your course instructor. You will be informed if there is a change in the format of your exam as a result of a potential labour disruption.

I am registered with the Paul Menton Centre. How can I verify that my exam accommodations have been put in place?

For those registered with the Paul Menton Centre, you will see your exam details and accommodations in the Ventus Hub. Please log in and confirm your accommodations and bring any discrepancies to your co-ordinator’s attention well in advance of your examination.

How long in advance do I need to arrive for my exam? What if I’m delayed?

Exams are currently proceeding as scheduled. Please aim to arrive approximately 30 minutes before your exam begins. Examination questions or concerns can be directed to the exam support network.

How should I prepare for my exams?

Please view our Preparing for Exams videos on the Scheduling and Exam Services website for a comprehensive overview of what you need to know in advance of your exams.

I have questions about exams. Who should I ask?

Please reach out to Scheduling and Examination Services via the exam support network for any exam-related inquiries.

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