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Communication and Student Support

How can I support students who are reporting that they are stressed about the impact of a labour disruption on their academic work?

The Wellness website is a valuable resource to help you refer students to the appropriate level of support based on their specific needs. There are many services to choose from, so if a student isn’t sure where to start, encourage them to try the Wellness Services Navigator.

Counselling appointments continue to be available for all students, including same-day counselling appointments for students in crisis. Students can call 613-520-6674 to make an appointment to speak with our Intake Counsellor. Undergraduate students also have access to free 24/7 mental health and wellness resources, including counselling services in multiple languages, through Empower Me.

If you are concerned about a student and are unsure of the best resource or support, you are encouraged to submit a Care Report. This will alert the Care and Support Team who will reach out as required and will provide the appropriate support and guidance to the student.


If a TA has handled marking responsibilities prior to the strike, how can I adjust?

At this time, instructors must honour the assessment and weighting approaches articulated in their course syllabus. Additionally, different Faculties and programs have unique assessment policies. Be sure to consult with your chair/director if you are considering adjusting exam formats, feedback or grading approaches.

I’d like to adjust the weighting of assessments or change my assessment strategy on account of the labour disruption (for example, I no longer have TAs able to mark). May I do this?

According to university regulations, adjusting weighting or assessment strategies as articulated in your course syllabus is not permitted. However, depending on what you have stated in your course syllabus, some changes may be possible. For example, if you did not specify the format of the final exam in your course syllabus, and you intended to have extensive written responses (to be marked by a TA), the format of the final exam could be changed to multiple choice. Please work with your Faculty/department/program leadership to ensure your decisions align with policy.

I’d like to provide the option to my students of choosing to receive a grade or electing for satisfactory/unsatisfactory in my course. Is this permitted?

This is not permitted.

What will happen with final examinations that I planned for my classes?

We expect April final examinations will continue as scheduled. Students can check their exam schedule, with locations, in Carleton Central, the Carleton Mobile app or the public exam schedule website.

How do I submit final grades?

Final grades are submitted through the eGrades system.

How do I go about holding an exam review session for students?

If you need further help, visit the TLS Support Portal and submit a request. A TLS team member will assist you.


I am working with a SaPP student (Students as Partners Program) to support my teaching of a course in an upcoming term. Are they included in the strike?

No. SaPP students are expected to complete their tasks in any roles that are not part of any TA/RA duties they may hold. SaPP students CANNOT be assigned work associated with CUPE 4600 Unit 1 employees (teaching assistants).

I would like to assign work to my SaPP student to support my courses that I currently teach. May I do this?

No. SaPP students are not permitted to support current courses, regardless of the labour interruption.

Teaching Assistants support my discussion groups, problem solving sessions, tutorials, etc. What should I do as the instructor for these activities?

Different things are going to be possible in different situations. If the discussions and tutorials can be handled as large asynchronous activities or web conferencing activities, you may wish to acknowledge students’ efforts in some way.

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