About Seán

I am a chemistry professor who was trained in synthetic chemistry by Darrin Richeson at the University of Ottawa (PhD) and then spent several years working with Roy Gordon at Harvard (PDRA), where I became interested in ALD.

My interests are in the thermal mechanisms of decomposition and surface reactivity. My research group commonly studies metal depositions but has looked at many different processes and precursors across the periodic table.

I wrote a book:

Chemistry of ALD – A Textbook

You can buy it here, and the Amazon author page can be found here.

I hope it to be the backbone of a course on ALD chemistry; it isn’t comprehensive with respect to precursors or surface chemistry but rather goes through the core concepts of understanding ALD from a chemistry point of view.


Green ChemistryHenrik Pedersen, Jonas Sundqvist, and I wrote a perspective on “Green CVD”, and Beneq interviewed us about it:

Gold Deposition – after we discovered a gold metal ALD process, the People Behind the Science podcast interviewed me. It is a “free-range” discussion of my life, influences, and science:

Curriculum Vitae


Carleton University, Department of Chemistry
Full Professor, 2016 – present
Associate Professor, 2007 – 2016
Assistant Professor, 2003 – 2007

Linköping University, Inorganic Chemistry
Visiting Professor (sabbatical), 2016 – 2017

University of Helsinki, Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry
Visiting Professor (sabbatical), 2010 – 2011

Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Visiting Scholar, 2002 – 2003

University of Ottawa, Department of Chemistry
Science Lecturer, 2000 – 2002


Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
1998 – 2000

Cornell University, Department of Material Science and Engineering
1997 – 1998

Universite de Bourgogné, Institut de Chimie Moléculaire
1996 – 1997


University of Ottawa, Department of Chemistry
PhD, Inorganic Chemistry, 1996

Queen’s University at Kingston, Department of Chemistry
BSc (Honours, ssp), Chemistry, 1991