So  much has happened since the last update! We have a few new journal articles that have come out in the last few months (two on membrane cleaning and fouling, and another on biofiltration).

  1. Alresheedi, M. T., & Basu, O. D. (2019). Effects of feed water temperature on irreversible fouling of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes. Journal of Water Process Engineering31, 100883.
  2. Piche, A., A. Campbell, I. Douglas, and O.D Basu (2019). Analyzing the performance of biological versus conventional drinking water filtration under warm and cold water conditions: A pilot scale study. Chemosphere. 234, 52-61

  3. Alresheedi, M. T., Basu, O. D., & Barbeau, B. (2019). Chemical Cleaning of Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membranes–Ozone versus Conventional Cleaning Chemicals. Chemosphere 226, 668-677.

We also have two conference posters – one in May on the water project in Tanzania (at OWWA Annual Conference) and another in June on membrane fouling and cleaning with algae present (at IWA YP Conference). Robbie is also currently conducting field work in Tanzania on his PHD project and it has been a great and active time so far; as we have managed to recruit about 60 women for the filter usage study!