Water Development- LMIC

  • Project focused on water resource management tied with agriculture, water collection, water safety and water use in Longido, Tanzania
  • This is an interdisciplinary project that includes Engineering, Industrial Design, Food Sciences, and Business (working with Bjarki Hallgrimmson, Farah Hosseinian, Troy Anderson, and Michel Rod)
  • We are lucky to be working with a local NGO called TEMBO


  • Projects focused on slowsand filtration, conventional and biofiltration
  • Examinie backwashing, nutrient removal and uptake, as well as microbial growth impacts on filter systems
  • Collaborating with Shawn Clearly (Civil Technology, Humber College)


  • Fundamental research into membrane fouling mechanisms
  • Submerged UF systems, pressurized systems
  • Polymeric vs ceramic membrane systems in drinking water


  • Nutrient removal under low temperature and high organic content (C:N:P) loading
  • Disinfection technology including peracetic acid and dechlorination with experience at full scale applications
  • Partners with Dr. Rob Delatolla (Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Ottawa)

Biofuel Technology

  • Interdisciplinary research looking at hydrothermal polymerization methods for biofuel development
  • Preliminary research into algae for biofuel development
  • Collaborating with Dr. Glenn McRae (Mechanical Engineering, Carleton University)