PHD Student Robbie Venis shares his thoughts on Access to Safe Water and Social Change at the Carleton TedX talk series:

What is the ‘Water Project of Tanzania‘ about?  First and foremost; It Is About People!

This project addresses issues of access to water and development of the local economy in the Longido district of Tanzania. The challenging climate of the district contributes to a chronic water shortage. Reduced availability of grazing lands due to population growth, privatization and nationalization of lands, and changes in water supplies coupled to climate change has forced many Maasai and neighbouring tribes, traditionally pastoralists, to become more sedentary. 80% of the population in the district under study is now settled in permanent homes and communities, and a small number cultivate small-scale agricultural plots. The district experiences extended periods of severe drought alternating with heavy seasonal rains that cause excessive flooding. Villagers currently have almost no means to capture and divert rainwater for community use, resulting in a chronic water shortage, frequent crop failure, and high levels of food insecurity.

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We are committed to working alongside the people of Longido, Tanzania.This project is an amazing experience for the engineering, design, and business students that have been involved in this project.

We are working with 4th year students and grad students, who have the opportunity to contribute their university skills to a socially responsible project that is real and applied. From the photos, you can see that we make site visits with the students. This is both a technical knowledge sharing exercise and a cultural experience for everyone involved!

If interested in financially supporting this project please contact Dr. Onita Basu (