Courses – University Teaching

  • ENVE 5701- Filtration and Membrane in Water Treatment
  • ENVE 5704 Unit Operations of Water Treatment (also as ENVJ5901)
  • CIVE 4407 Municipal Engineering
  • ECOR 4995 Professional Practice and Ethics
  • ENVE/CIVE 4907 Research Project (course supervisor and professor)
  • ENVE 4104 Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment
  • ENVE 3001 Water Treatment Principles and Design
  • ENVE 2001 Process Analysis for Environmental Engineering

ENVE/CIVE 4907 Engineering Capstone Projects

The engineering capstone project is a  final design project undertaken by fourth year engineering students. The following are examples of previous projects conducted:

  • Disinfection Byproduct Control with Biological Treatment
  • Assessment of Peracetic Acid for Wastewater Disinfection
  • Alternative Sludge Treatment Options: Concrete Production
  • Dechlorination Chemistry and Rates of Reaction
  • Impact of pH on Enhanced Coagulation
  • Ceramic Filter Pots in Low Technology Setting