Working with Water Movement – Dr. Basu did a series of short training videos.

Other Videos included:

Percent Removal in a Primary Clarifier and More Primary Clarifier Efficiency Calcs

Calculating MLSS in an Aeration Basin

Point-of-Use Water Treatment

Dr. Basu discusses her research project on POU in Longido, Tanzania with a special appearance by PHD student Robbie Venis at 31 minutes


Dr. Basu discusses biofiltration at the CSCE Annual Conference 2021

NSERC Highlights Biofiltration Project

Dr. Basu discusses her joint research project with Humber College and MSfilter on biofiltration in drinking water with NSERC.

Environmental Engineering at Carleton University – We Need You!

Dr. Basu highlights in 1 minute the need for environmental engineers to combat climate change to ensure we have clean water, clean air, clean soil and clean energy for all generations.

Graduate Study Programs in Environmental Engineering at Carleton University

Dr. Basu and graduate students from Carleton highlight why graduate school in Environmental Engineering provides great experiences for students interested in advanced engineering studies.

Imagine walking two kilometers for a drink of waterCBC

Dr. Basu discusses about the issues and challenges villagers face in rural Tanzania with regard to Water consumption.

Dr. Basu and Berquist talk access to water in Tanzania on CBC Radio

The followings are research experiments and facilities used in Environmental Engineering research projects led by Dr. Basu: