In order to become a successful Carleton student, it is important to identify the areas of study that interest you. Follow these steps to assess your interests:

  1. Undergraduate Admissions has a complete listing of Degree Programs at Carleton, including summaries of the information studied in each field, career possibilities, and blogs from current students in various fields. Make a list of degree programs and majors within the programs that seem interesting to you.
  2. The first and most important place to visit for information about Carleton degree programs, minors and courses is the Undergraduate Calendar. Take the list of degree programs and majors that you are considering and begin skimming through the Undergraduate Programs listing. Now that you know the courses required for the majors you find interesting, do you still want to consider that major?
  3. Read through the course descriptions in the courses offered by course code. Are there any particular course codes that you find interesting? Keep track of the course descriptions you find interesting and compare these to your list of possible majors.

When looking through the Undergraduate Calendar, you will notice that you must complete 20.0 credits to complete a BA Honours degree (four year degree), but it is common that only 9.0 or 10.0 credits out of the 20.0 credits are included in the major CGPA. This means that if you are completing a BA Honours degree, nearly half of your classes will be in your major area of study and the other courses can be in a wide variety of other areas of study. Because of this flexibility to pursue multiple areas of study without adding additional time to earning a degree, many students in the BA decide to pursue a double major, add a minor, or study abroad.