As a BA Undeclared student, you will find that your options at Carleton are seemingly endless. You have the opportunity to test out different paths before ultimately deciding on a field of study. Because you have so many options, you may find registration to be a bit daunting. But if you take the time to prepare and assess your personal interests before registration begins, you will have no problem reaching your goals. Here is where to start the preparation process:

  1. Follow the steps to review your likes and dislikes and to discover the degree options available at Finding Your Interests.
  2. Learn the “tricks of the trade” of registration at Registration Basics.
  3. Consider your registration options and learn about the registration process at Choosing First-Year Courses.
  4. Check out Sample Class Schedule 1 and Sample Class Schedule 2 for ideas on how to arrange your schedule.
  5. If you have any questions, would like help changing your degree program or major, or would like to talk to someone about identifying jobs that match your skills and interests, get in touch with the BA Undeclared Support Team!