A Sample BA Undeclared First Year Schedule

Tammy is about to register for her first year at Carleton and her major is the Bachelor of Arts Undeclared. She followed the First-Year Registration Steps and has some ideas about majors she might consider in the future. She knows that her favourite subjects in high school were History, Psychology and English, and she read through the courses offered at Carleton in the Undergraduate Calendar and she thinks that she would like to take French courses as well.

Based on her interests, Tammy signs up for:

PSYC 1001 – Introduction to Psychology I (fall semester course)
PSYC 1002 – Introduction to Psychology II (winter semester course)
FYSM 1405 – Turning Points in History, First-Year-Seminar (full year course)
ENGL 1000 – Literature, Genre, Context (full year course)
CDNS 1000 – Introduction to Canadian Studies

She took the online French placement test and placed into FREN 1002 – Low Intermediate French. To fit her interests in French, she chooses:

FREN 1002 – Low Intermediate French (full year course)

So Tammy is enrolled in five classes each semester. During her first year of study, Tammy can decide which degree program (or programs) she likes best and then change her major. After taking FYSM 1405, CDNS 1000, ENGL 1000, FREN 1002 and PSYC 1001/1002, Tammy has fulfilled the first-year requirements to change her major to English, Canadian Studies, History, French, or Psychology. She can also decide to do a Combined Honours program and major in more than one of these subjects.

She has also fulfilled the Breadth Requirement of completing 1.0 credit in three out of four breadth areas while taking her favourite classes. She took:

Breadth Area 1: Culture and Communication – ENGL 1000 and FREN 1002
Breadth Area 2: Humanities – CDNS 1000 and FYSM 1405 (counts as a History course)
Breadth Area 3: Science, Engineering, and Design – none
Breadth Area 4: Social Sciences – PSYC 1001/1002