The BA Undeclared is designed to give first-year students the opportunity to explore their options before choosing a major. Students are highly encouraged, however, to declare a specific degree program and area of study within their first year at Carleton. To choose and declare a major:

  1. Follow the steps to review your likes and dislikes and to discover the degree options available at Finding Your Interests.
  2. Read about the difference between changing your degree program and changing program elements, and find out how to make changes to each of these at Degrees and Program Elements.
  3. Learn how to run and read your Degree Audit Report (DAR) and how to run a What-If Audit to see what it would look like if you switched into a particular major. You can find detailed information, including how-to videos, at Your Academic Audit (Academic Advising Centre) and myAudit (Registrar’s Office).
  4. If you have any questions, would like help changing your degree program or major, or would like to talk to someone about identifying jobs that match your skills and interests, get in touch with the BA Undeclared Support Team!