What does it mean to be a BA Undeclared major?

The BA Undeclared is a program of study within the Bachelor of Arts (BA) for students who want to explore their options before deciding on a particular major. It is the perfect option for students who 1) are interested in multiple fields and are having a difficult time deciding on one area of study, or students who 2) feel that they would benefit from experiencing their first-year classes before deciding on a particular area of study.

If a student chooses to be Undeclared as they begin their career at Carleton, they still have the ability to complete an Honours degree in four years. Choosing to be Undeclared does not necessarily extend a student’s time at Carleton. It is important, however, that Undeclared students pay close attention to the first-year course requirements for any major in which they might be interested. For information on degree requirements, visit Choosing First-Year Courses.

Who can be a BA Undeclared major?

The BA Undeclared is designed for new incoming students with little or no previous university credit. If you use the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) to apply for admission to Carleton, you can choose BA Undeclared as your area of study. Also, if you leave your area of study blank on the application, you will automatically be designated as a BA Undeclared major. For information on the admission requirements for BA Undeclared students, visit Undergraduate Admissions Degree Requirements.

Students within the BA Undeclared work with university advisors and services throughout their first year to assess their skills and then enter a major program. While most students choose to enter a degree program within the Bachelor of Arts during their first year of study, others apply for admission to programs such as the Bachelor of Humanities, Bachelor of Journalism, and the Bachelor of Social Work. Visit Undergraduate Admissions to explore the many degree programs you can choose at Carleton.