Christopher Kirkey · Richard Nimijean, Editors

The Construction of Canadian Identity from Abroad

“This edited book, The Construction of Canadian Identity from Abroad, features Canadian scholars who write and think deeply about home from outside Canada’s borders. What happens when that Canadian is a scholar whose teaching, research and scholarship, professional development, and/or community engagement focus directly on Canada? How does being abroad affect how we interpret, construct, and present Canada in our professional work? Does being an expat impact how one relates to and understands Canada? What are our challenges? What are our opportunities? Does being an expat Canadianist affect how one deals with Canada academically and professionally?”

“The book’s core focus is the examination of how “externality” affects how scholars intellectually approach, construct, and identify with Canada. The Construction of Canadian Identity from Abroad is not an exhaustive, biographical profile of the work of a collective group of individuals on Canada, nor is it designed to be a historic survey of Canadian Studies or related disciplines in any host country or at any specific academic institution. Rather, the book is explicitly designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the forces that shape and determine the construction.”

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