William Felepchuk recently received his doctorate. His dissertation, recognized with a Senate Medal for Academic Excellence, is entitled Burial Places, White Supremacy, and Racial Necrogeographies in Eastern North America. William examines how the burial places of the racialized dead have been threatened, destroyed, or disallowed by white settlers in the territories of the Saugeen Anishinaabeg (an area colonially known as the Bruce and Grey Counties, Ontario) and throughout the white-dominated landscapes of eastern North America. William is the co-founder of Archipel Research and Consulting Inc., an Indigenous-owned social science and equity research company, for which he currently works as a researcher, whilst continuing to teach and write about decolonial history and racial necrogeographies.

Dr. Felepchuk is pictured below with Dr. Amy Chamberlin, who also received her doctorate in 2022.

From left to right: Drs. Amy Chamberlin and William Felepchuk (June, 2022)